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Tough, Precise, and Fast — Carmex HBA carbide grade is available

As more applications require the use of super-hard alloys, manufacturers are demanding tooling that can deliver precision threads and high production in less time. To meet these challenges, Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. has engineered carbide...

HARDCUT Thread Mills from Carmex

Carmex has introduced two new lines of multi-functional thread mills specifically for machining hardened materials up to 62 HRc. Both the MTSH type (designed for precision work in small holes) and the MTH type (suitable for standard applications)...

“Live Long and Prosper”

The famous Vulcan greeting from Star Trek takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to tool life. This was recently proven at Apex CNC Swiss, a machine shop specializing in high precision complex parts machined from hard materials and alloys.

“BLU” All Over

Carmex representative Mark Ely of Applied Technical Products and one of his key customers experienced first-hand the value of Carmex’s new BLU inserts. According to Mark, “The customer ran an independent thread test in 304 stainless...

“The Brand You Can Trust”

In business circles today, you hear a lot of talk about “branding.” But, few people can agree on its exact definition. I think the best that I’ve ever heard came from an author who said, “A brand is a promise.”

New MTI Thread-Mill line

Carmex Precision Tools LLC has extended the line of MTI Mill-Thread cutters for internal Acme thread standards. Thread sizes from 1/4-16 up to 1 1/4-5 are available, and the same tool can be used for both right-hand and left-hand threads.

Saving Saturdays

Over the years, many of our customers have come to us because they were regularly breaking taps. One case involved a shop owner who was machining a critical part for a radar component. Made of TiAl 64V titanium, the part required 683 blind holes.

Why You Should Consider Thread Milling

Carmex has prepared a series of articles to assist those not currently using thread milling, or only applying it on particular parts, to better understand the technology and ease its integration into their operation.

The Changing World of Change

Welcome to the first issue of The Carmex Courier, a publication dedicated to keeping our customers and friends updated on the latest in thread milling and turning.