“The Brand You Can Trust”


In business circles today, you hear a lot of talk about “branding.” But, few people can agree on its exact definition. I think the best that I’ve ever heard came from an author who said, “A brand is a promise.”

At tool shows and field visits, I frequently talk with customers who come to us after having tried numerous other makes of inserts or thread mills. Having bought one size or design by a particular manufacturer for a specific application, they were disappointed when another size or design from the same manufacturer did not perform up to their standard. As a result, their tool cribs are filled with a jumble of different types and sizes, each of which is good for only one application. It is clear that the amount of time — and money — that they have spent researching tooling capability has seriously impacted the profitability and the efficiency of their businesses.

Unlike other toolmakers that produce a huge variety of tools for very diverse applications, Carmex has concentrated its strength on thread making. For over 25 years, our designers and engineers have studied every aspect and every size, as well as virtually every type, of thread and designed and built the tools that deliver the best results. Because of this, Carmex possesses not only an extensive variety of tooling but, within our thread making family, a great amount of depth in terms of sizes, thread type, and machine compatibility. This means that when you call on us for any thread making application, we can deliver the right tool or, if the application is singular enough, we can make it.

The knowledge that Carmex can meet any thread making demand not only saves you time involved in searching for the right tool and the money involved investing in various manufacturers’ products, it ensures you that the tooling you need will be there and will perform to your expectations. We like to think that, when it comes to thread making, Carmex is “the brand you can trust.”