HARDCUT Thread Mills from Carmex —
because “hard” jobs come in all sizes


Carmex has introduced two new lines of multi-functional thread mills specifically for machining hardened materials up to 62 HRc. Both the MTSH type (designed for precision work in small holes) and the MTH type (suitable for standard applications) provide superior performance, improved cut, and excellent surface finish thanks to an ultra fine sub-micron grade (MT9/MT11) with advanced PVD triple coating. Engineered to meet threading challenges from ISO M1.4 x 0.3 and 0-80UN, HARDCUT thread mills deliver high performance in hardened steels, high-temperature alloys, Titanium alloys and ultra-hard formulations such as Hastelloy, Inconel, and nickel base alloys. Thanks to their short profile, they are capable of working at high cutting speeds, thereby shortening cycle times.

The increased cutting diameter delivers better rigidity and stability, and the advanced PVD triple coating results in high wear and heat resistance and longer tool life.

The use of hard and super-hard materials in industries such as moldmaking, aviation, energy and medical implants and tools requires a new generation of thread mills capable of standing up to hard materials while, at the same time, delivering increased productivity through better performance and longer life. The Carmex HARDCUT line meets those demands through an extensive size range that delivers the Carmex guarantee of “X-TREME results.”